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hot cars of the 60s the best cars from around the world - for automobile buffs who can never get enough information on classic cars here is a book that features the most celebrated cars of the 60s the 1960s was the era in which the car you drove became as much a fashion statement as the clothes you wore, nashville memories nashville links and photos - 1 harvey s nativity scene at the parthenon in centennial park the nativity scene featured life size figures with lights that faded from white to blue to red and christmas carols on the sound system, hot rod s past feature cover cars hot rod network - we unearth former hot rod feature cover cars and tell you why they were important back then and what condition there in today only at www hotrod com the official website for hot rod magazine, traditional hot rods roadsters - articles about hot rods and links to hot rod builders hot rod clubs and events for owners of hot rods and custom cars, stock car racing in britain 1950 s 1970 s - this is not a personal home page i set it up to share a specialized topic for relatively few people world wide brisca stock car racing as the phrase has applied in britain since 1954 and the early days of drag racing in britain this is a nostalgia page about rough n ready forms of motor sport that were too often ignored or looked down on, coastal 181 hot rods drag racing books - dyno don the cars and career of dyno don nicholson by doug boyce many fans of drag racing consider the most interesting era to be from the 1950s through the 1970s so much changed from a speed and technology standpoint that people often refer to this time as the golden age of drag racing, 20 affordable project cars hot rod network - read about and see pictures of 20 affordable project cars including a plymouth satellite olds cutlass supreme chevy nova dodge challenger ford galaxie and more inside popular hot rodding, toys in the 60s skooldays - in the 60s i had a building set similar to what you describe the pieces were various geometric shapes molded in different colors of plastic, rays car culture accessories for your hot rod muscle or - ray s car culture accessories include hot rod muscle and classic car t shirts and work shirts with unique designs lots of cars featured on the shirts but also those rat fink designs from ed big daddy roth, nc transportation museum antique autos classic cars and - antique autos classic cars and trucks the n c transportation museum s collection of antique and vintage cars traces the evolution of automobiles through several different stages many of which can be seen in the museum s bumper to bumper exhibit located in the flue shop, hot rod radio with wings kalahan - unfortunately hot rod radio usa is not available in all radio markets because of the popularity of the program and constant requests from our listeners friends from around the world hot rod radio usa is now available to our listeners worldwide through itunes, classic car commercials tvparty - 1957 dodge to accent the high tech nature of the push button 1957 swept wing dodge the car is compared with the latest in tv technology offering us an opportunity to view a 1957 television camera close up, cars on lines classic car newsletter - during the muscle car wars of the 60s and 70s no name stands so revered as the legendary ramchargers they were the mopar factory team which brought the art of tuning to the drag racing scene, the 60s music cd collection by time life time life - the 60s was a time of social political and cultural change in america and music provided a constant soundtrack to change it was the dawn of a new age filled with long hair bell bottoms tie dye t shirts new music and new attitudes, how to draw crazy cars mad monsters like a pro - chopped slammed channeled blown in the late 50s and early 60s all of these features lent themselves nicely to the rise of hot rod art that caricaturized the already severe design traits associated with these cars, review 1976 chevrolet corvette the truth about cars - september 9th 2009 at 11 47 am turns out alot of these fast cars from yester year weren t that fast after all but who cares i was only 5 years old when this car came out and it still the best looking vette ever, top 10 muscle cars pepboys com - muscle cars there s nothing more american than a classic muscle car thundering down the highway with a big v8 under the hood the factories of the 50s and 60s were larger than life and americans needed big powerful cars capable of roaring across a newly constructed national highway system, mcnair kaserne the 70s - click on any photo to view an enlargement despite all the nostalgia mcnair was a mess in 1970 71 i am attaching photos of an article in the overseas weekly published in feb 1971 in frankfurt, classic cars today online all the automotive news that s - this gallery contains 105 photos for a very small manufacturing cost applying paint to a car s wheels or wheel covers that matches body color can add a lot of visual interest to a vehicle s profile