The Visioneers How A Group Of Elite Scientists Pursued Space Colonies Nanotechnologies And A Limitless Future -

prometheanism technology digital culture and human - g nther anders s prolific philosophy of technology is undergoing a major revival but has never been translated into english prometheanism mobilises anders s pragmatic thought and current trends in critical theory to rethink the constellations of power that are configuring themselves around our increasingly smart machines the book offers a comprehensive introduction to anders s, k eric drexler wikipedia - life and work k eric drexler was strongly influenced by ideas on limits to growth in the early 1970s during his first year at massachusetts institute of technology he sought out someone who was working on extraterrestrial resources he found gerard k o neill of princeton university a physicist famous for his work on storage rings for particle accelerators and his landmark work on the, whole earth catalog wikipedia - the title whole earth catalog came from a previous project by stewart brand in 1966 he initiated a public campaign to have nasa release the then rumored satellite photo of the sphere of earth as seen from space the first image of the whole earth he thought the image might be a powerful symbol evoking a sense of shared destiny and adaptive strategies from people