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theory and practice of relational algebra transforming - relational algebra is a simple and consistent query language that is often used to explain principles of relational operations while many books and articles deal with the theory of relational algebra its practical applicability is generally neglected, database design and relational theory normal forms and - what makes this book different from others on database design many resources on design practice do little to explain the underlying theory and books on design theory are aimed primarily at theoreticians, mapping objects to relational databases o r mapping in detail - mapping terminology mapping v the act of determining how objects and their relationships are persisted in permanent data storage in this case relational databases, relational vs dimensional databases what s the - a star schema really lies at the intersection of the relational model of data and the dimensional model of data it s really a way of starting with a dimensional model and mapping it into sql tables that somewhat resemble the sql tables you get if you start from a relational model, what i m telling business people about why relational - what i m telling business people about why relational databases are so bad the following is what i have written in my book avoiding it disasters to explain to business people why relational databases are the cause of so many problems in enterprise systems this is a non technical explanation that is meant to be accessible for a general audience but i thought it might be interesting for a, informatics university of washington - info 101 social networking technologies 5 i s nw explores today s most popular social networks gaming applications and messaging applications examines technologies social implications and information structure focuses on logic databases networked delivery identity access privacy, rdbms graphs relational vs graph data modeling - in some regards graph databases are like the next generation of relational databases but with first class support for relationships or those implicit connections indicated via foreign keys in traditional relational databases, relational data model back to the roots dzone database - relational model vs other data models that said allow me to have my doubts about whether many of the proponents of other database technologies including those in sql databases and those in, rpbourret com xml database products native xml databases - warning overview related categories products 4suite 4suite server basex berkeley db xml dbdom dbxml dieselpoint domsafexml emc documentum xdb exist extc, sql what is a columnar database stack overflow - column oriented databases are used where aggregations on specific columns are queried like sales report the point here is if you use row oriented database then all rows blocks needs to be brought to main memory which includes lots of seek time from disk to bring all block from disk to ram even if you are interested only in column which helps you to provide sales report, archival science and postmodernism my best docs - archival science and postmodernism new formulations for old concepts by terry cook this article is the first of a two paper series it was originally published in archival science vol 1 no 1 2000 3 24 the international journal on recorded information incorporating archives and museum informatics and is published here with the kind permission of the author and copyright holder